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The CYPC aims to help young people develop skills and capacity to help them participate more fully in society, help young people develop their skills and capabilities to enable them to participate in local democracy. They also provide activities which create better understanding between people of different ages and backgrounds, provide and support various cultural activities around the town.

Last year, the CYPC helped to organise many events including Youth Question Time, Culture Shock, The Youth Conference and supported Crawley Main Stage and Mela, as well as working in partnership with other youth groups across the town.

CYPC is supported by CBC Community Development

Youth Question Time
Culture Shock
The Youth Conference
Crawley Main Stage and Mela

Don’t use gay in a negative way!

Members from the Crawley Young Persons Council (CYPC) along with other young people from Crawley have worked on creating and filming a short promo clip to challenge young people about using the word gay in a way that could cause offence.

This issue was raised at a CYPC Youth Question Time event and a sub group was set up to work with the Fixers Project on designing and creating the film.

The group are now working together to create workshop material backing up the film so that young people can go into schools and deliver the workshop to help raise awareness.

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